Tobacco Process Machinery Spare Parts Supplier


Ace Interactive have for 20 years supplied worldwide quality spare parts for both primary and secondary tobacco process equipment, building a reputation as a reliable source delivering cost effective spare parts on time. With a database of over 30,000 different parts supplying tobacco process departments worldwide, Ace have quickly become the number one option for spare wear and consumable parts for Robert Legg, GBE Legg, Dickinson Legg, Garbuio and Molins tobacco process machinery. Continuing customer support has ensured Ace spares are the first choice for your one stop spares shop.


Ace acknowledges that quality, cost reduction and lead time reduction are the three criteria in various preferences for the purchase of spares.

Ace guarantees to reduce costs, reduce lead times and ensure the maintenance of the quality of your spares. We will not compromise on quality.

Our future is your future and we will continue to put your needs first, listening to the customer to futher develop our service.

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